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About Our Wealth Protection Services

Wealth Protection involves different types of Personal Risk Insurance, which are the least understood, yet most necessary forms of insurance available. We will evaluate your lifestyle and needs and ensure that in the case of something going wrong, your earnings capacity is insured, and your lifestyle can be maintained. The ability to generate income to support you and your family is the most important asset that you have, and we can help you protect it. There are various types of insurance that may be suited to you including:
  • Death and TPD Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Insurance
  • Business expenses insurance
At Lead Partners we will:
  • Assist you to quantify your risk in this area and help determine both the level of cover appropriate and the best structure and policies available through the use of an independent panel of quality insurers.
  • Evaluate the many different policies and providers in the market, and recommend the best provider for your needs.
  • We will review and advise on different providers, not just from a premium perspective, but from a medical history perspective as well because certain insurers or different insurers will have different criteria for policies.

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